We engage at all levels of projects...from strategic planning & consultation, to integration of off-the-shelf and best-of-breed software, to full-blown custom software development. Below are composite sketches of sample work across a variety of industries. We’d love the opportunity to talk with you about your unique project and how we can bring a solution to accelerate, scale, and expand.



National insurance carrier had a growing bottleneck in processing applications. We accelerated and scaled their business with a custom-developed web-based platform to easily enroll their insurance benefits by agents and applicants while meeting exacting and custom compliance regulations. Our full turnkey solution connected both to carrier's internal systems and to external vendors for real-time data exchange.


Retail Development

Our in-depth modeling of the store and real-estate development process for this Top-10 Fortune 500 retailer served as the foundation for our software solution to dramatically scale their ability to handle a large program of simultaneous new-store projects. We deployed an AI-based project management system that sifted through over one million combinations of project plan options to meet a plethora of store configuration and site adapt requirements, and then automatically generated adaptable project schedules to optimize resources. Our software’s automated reconfiguration of project plans and schedules accelerated their ability to respond to changing requirements and see the overall impact to the multi-project program schedule.

Non-Profit / NGO

Externally, this global nonprofit had a fractured branding strategy that caused confusion to its potential clients. Internally, their organizational data system had become a patchwork of legacy add-ons that was lagging and cumbersome. Our consulting helped them gain clarity on their core mission, and we drove the full overhaul of their online presence to realign their brand identity, while scaling their ability to connect with new clients via a redesign of an organizational CRM system.


Sales & Marketing

Nationwide team of sales reps relied on an independent mix of tools and lacked a true heads-up display of progress. We accelerated their teamwork by streamlining and codifying their process through a customized CRM/Salesforce deployment. We scaled-up their sales ability though a custom data-mining solution to sift through volumes of product sales data to identify the true drivers of both their successes and their time-wasters. Our solutions expanded their competitive stance with greater visibility and analysis of product-line and channel sales real-time status to focus on target-rich areas of their market.


Design Manufacturing

Engineering & Quality departments of this international made-to-order manufacturer of precision equipment were juggling project orders and backlogs, while fighting the chaos of emergency interruptions.  We brought order to the chaos by deploying a modular project process that allowed for both consistent scheduling and flexible adjustments for last-minute requests.  Scaled their project load and accelerated their project turnaround without adding to their headcount.


An energy exploration company was finding it increasingly harder to grow operations under their drilling and equipment scheduling using spreadsheets, whiteboards, rush jobs, and late hours. We accelerated and scaled their productivity by encoding their workflow as a systematic process, and then driving that process with a customized project tracking solution that combined scheduling, document capture, and project history retention to scale to thousands of projects in their growing portfolio.