Founded in 2005, Thumbprint Software LLC is a privately held company based in Lafayette, Indiana.

In 2005, the founders purchased the intellectual property for Thumbprint CPM, our original flagship product, from its originating company based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, which introduced the technology of Collaborative Program Management to the building industry. Based on years of developing custom process models for business teams, Thumbprint Software was transformed into a full consulting and technology development firm to capitalize on its broad industry background to develop custom solutions involving business automation and acceleration.



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Bill Davis, Founder and President, leads Thumbprint’s consulting and strategic initiatives. He directs a team of networked technology experts to deliver our broader custom software development initiatives.

Davis has over 25 years of technical leadership experience with companies such as AT&T, Boeing, and AmocoBP. Among his prior experience is leading NASA-related research concerning Automation and Robotics for Manned Spacecraft and consulting for an array of public and private companies seeking business automation solutions.

He is the author of Thumbprint Software's patent for collaborative program management, and his publications in knowledge representation and reasoning provided a foundation for the company's early advancements in process and project management.

Davis holds a bachelor's degree in Computer Science and a master's degree concentrated in Computational Theory and Artificial Intelligence, both from Purdue University.